Assessing Teacher Practice

The Ohio RESA is scored by licensed Ohio educators who have at least 10 years of teaching experience. These educators must complete extensive training and pass a rigorous certification test. Assessors are trained to review and provide feedback according to the RESA domains and criteria. To promote objectivity, anonymity is maintained during this process.

What Teachers Are Expected to Do

Lesson Reflection
Work to Submit:
  • Teaching and Learning Context Form
  • Video Recording of the Lesson
  • Video Commentary and Reflection Form

The Ohio RESA asks Resident Educators to complete the Lesson Reflection. This task requires the Resident Educator to select an individual lesson, provide context for that lesson, record a video of their teaching, and respond to a short series of questions about that lesson. These Commentary and Reflection questions ask Resident Educators to reflect on their lesson planning, instruction, and the outcomes achieved.

Qualifications to Be an Assessor

Scoring the Ohio RESA is an opportunity for administrators, teacher leaders, and university faculty to understand how Resident Educators are developing their craft and to assess their instructional practices based on the Lesson Reflection domains, which were developed from the Ohio Standards for the Teaching Profession. Assessors must have a minimum of 10 years of teaching experience in a pre-K–12 setting and a record of scoring the RESA with high levels of accuracy and efficiency. To become an assessor, you must meet RESA recruiting needs, participate in online training, and pass the certification test.

  • Minimum of 10 years teaching experience
  • Rich understanding of research-based strategies including lesson design, instruction, and assessment
  • Past record of scoring the RESA with high levels of accuracy and efficiency
  • Ability to commit a minimum of 20 hours per week to online assessment work during the RESA scoring window
  • Comfort in using technology

Preparing Assessors to Observe Teacher Practice

RESA Assessor Training and Certification is conducted through online training modules that provide extensive review of exemplars and rationales across the range of performance on each Lesson Reflection domain. In addition, assessors are trained to recognize and minimize bias. 

After assessors have reviewed the training modules and completed practice exercises, they proceed with certification in which they are given the opportunity to score sample submissions that have been pre-scored by expert educators. If they score these certification submissions accurately, they qualify as an assessor.

After they have been trained and certified, assessors are invited to log in to the RESA Submission System to score candidate submissions. During the scoring process, TeachForward carefully monitors the accuracy of assessors. Assessors who do not meet a minimum accuracy standard are not permitted to score.