If the video’s audio is not clear, are candidates allowed to submit a transcript or is using closed captioning an option? If the students are harder to hear and/or understand, will that affect their score?

If it is difficult to understand a student when they are speaking, we recommend that the candidate repeat what the student says, so the other students can understand what the student said, as well as the assessor reviewing the video. When reviewing the videos, assessors are looking for trends, and it is okay if it is not possible or very difficult to hear some of the student comments and responses.

If the candidate would like to explain something that is difficult to hear/understand in the video, they can do so within the full-page answer box on page 7 of the Video Commentary and Reflection Form. The question on page 7 is an unnumbered (between questions 3 and 4) and unscored question that allows candidates to provide context to the assessor. On the Video Commentary and Reflection Form, each response should not exceed 250 words. As always, candidates should not attempt to add pages to either form since this will cause an error during the uploading process that could make the entire form appear blank.

Candidates should not attempt to add closed captioning or submit a transcript of the video.